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ISP Association of Bangladesh is going to arrange International mega event
SANOG32 9 days long Conference, Tutorials & workshop details has been


It is our pleasure to announce that bdNOG8 Conference details has been finalized

Training on Customer
Service Excellence for
Service Industries

ISP Association of Bangladesh is going to arrange a 2 days long training & workshop

Cyber Security &
Network Security

ISP Association of Bangladesh have successfully organized 2 days training & workshop

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Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) is an association for all the internet service providing organizations in Bangladesh. It’s formed by a committee of some of the most notable industry decision makers to represent the Internet industry by providing information and services on various key areas such as seeking Govt.’s help/attention, defining legal framework to protect the industry, expanding Bangladesh’s market, providing education on websites and internet usage, etc. ISPAB is a non-profit organization which prides itself in making profits for distribution to its members.