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About Internet Service Providers Association Bangladesh

Internet Service Providers Association Bangladesh (ISPAB) is an association for all the internet service providing organizations in Bangladesh. It’s formed by a committee of some of the most notable industry decision makers to represent the Internet industry by providing information and services on various key areas such as seeking Govt.’s help/attention, defining legal framework to protect the industry, expanding Bangladesh’s market, providing education on websites and internet usage, etc. ISPAB is a non-profit organization which prides itself in making profits for distribution to its members.

Our objectives are distinct and focused, as we work for all the internet users in the country by encouraging, promoting and rendering assistance in furtherance of business, welfare, culture and recreation beneficial to our members apart from safeguarding their rights and interest. Most importantly, we strive to remain pro-active on rendering any necessary assistance and dealing with problems affecting our members in order to improve their welfare and advancement.

Our Vision

To bring together the Bangladesh internet industry to provide essential support through innovation, knowledge and experience within affordability in order to benefit the country economy and society

Our Mission

  • Promoting accurate and unbiased media coverage of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and users.
  • Providing the political groups and others, likely to impact the industry, a focal point for discussion.
  • Establishing a Code of Practice for Service Providers.
  • Establishing an accepted Standards of Service and a uniform Code of Practice, acceptable to the members.* Sponsoring research into trends, likely to affect the ISPs.
  • Communicating to members, the issues and developments relevant to the industry, and to foster communications between members.
  • Fostering the industry’s image.
  • Encouraging an open and competitive environment, and to resist anti-competitive policies and practices.
  • Addressing any technical issues of specific relevance to the internet community of Bangladesh.
  • Fostering worldwide co-operation with related organisation(s).

Core Values

  •     Collaboration
  •     Inclusiveness
  •     Diversity
  •     Equality
  •     Respect
  •     Dependability
  •     Innovative
  •     Flexibility
  •     Service
  •     Sustainability
  •     Excellence

Office Address

House- 02, (Level-4) Road- 28, Block- K, Banani, Dhaka-1213
Phone: +88 02 8831595; +88 02 8831593

Phone 88 02 8831595